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Author: krisklip

Geodesic Games started out, as you might have gathered from the name, with the intention of making games. A grand plan that was pushed aside for the same reason many less committed developers fall to the wayside: making money. However, Geodesic didn’t simply walk away. Instead, the team pivoted and carved a niche for themselves,

In May 2019 Geodesic Games, with support from the Looking Glass Factory, got the opportunity to attend the 2019 Nordic Games Conference in Malmö, Sweden. During the conference Geodesic Games showcased to developers a first-look at Unreal Engine content on the Looking Glass display. Designers, developers, and industry experts experienced a new dimension of

Camera projection is an important topic when talking about rendering and game engines. Projections can completely change a visual experience and can provide much more rendering control for graphics developers. In Unreal Engine there is little documentation or support in terms of projection matrix calculations which is why we would like to provide you